Feb 7,2024

Top 5 Sanitary Pads Manufacturing Companies

Dealing with menstruation is a real challenge for women all around the world. Starting with pain and ending with embarrassment, the discharge of blood can cause lots of problems. The only way to deal with this issue is to use sanitary pads that prevent leakage and provide comfort. Many brands are available worldwide, claiming to be the best, but only some are the top names. Choosing a poor-quality pad can lead to embarrassment, a nightmare for every woman. That means you must find some top names to ensure protection and comfort together without compromising anything.

Not just general users need sanitary pads, but hospitals are also the primary buyers in the industry. Retailers must deal with the demand for hygienic pads by ensuring every pad type is available at their stores. They get wholesale supplies from large manufacturers, and you can also choose whether you need to make a B2B or B2C purchase.

ABCUnites Hygiene Products

If you deal in retail supply of sanitary pads, you can try ABCUnites Hygiene Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This is how you will get a supply of silky soft pads for menstrual cycle consumers. Since sanitary pads are very high in demand, you can get OEM and customized production from this company. Their pads are wingless, which makes them adjust without causing any discomfort. ABCUnites Hygiene Products is a company that is ISO9001 and CE certified.

They use five layers of fabric to produce menstruation pads with a super-absorbent polymer in the core. A liquid locking feature and soft fabric follow it. Their pads are composed of materials that prevent odor, bacteria, and discomfort. Thus, you can find a brand whose pads have quick absorption, breathability, and body-fit design. Maxi and super absorbent are among their main types of menstruation pads.


The second brand in the list is U by Kotex, one of the industry's most reliable manufacturers. Thousands and maybe millions of customers use their sanitary pads, where Classic Tween/Teen pads are the most liked by users. Their hygienic pads are better than others because they are ultra-thin, short, and narrow for teens. U by Kotex makes their menstrual pads leak-free and anti-odor for consumers' physical and mental peace. The flexibility of pads is essential for movement, and their sanitary pads meet this requirement well.

By combining comfort and high absorbency, they meet the expectations of users, especially teens. Their pads can protect for up to 10 hours, freeing users from worries. Another thing they do is use plant-based charcoal, which makes pads free of any odor. So, teens can use them for better comfort and peace of mind.


Libra is an Australian brand of sanitary pads that has been supplying pads for more than 40 years. They have decades of experience producing menstrual pads for worldwide supply. Only if you take their ultra-thin and super pads categories will you find many benefits. Girls who go through a menstrual cycle can trust Libra, which provides body-fit size with wings in sanitary pads. 

If you want to know how much value it adds to the user experience, there are many. It is about high cushioning and absorbance against light and mild flow. There are Goodnight pads of Libra, which have high absorbency and soft material for heavy flow. Their thickness ensures that nothing leaks out of the pads, which is about the efficiency of their leakproof features. All regular and medium flow pad types are available in their collection. To eliminate smell, they use odor-neutralizing core to produce sanitary pads.


If you want to try an Italian-based company with decades of experience, Organyc is that brand. They have shown their worth in the sanitary pads industry at a global level by meeting all the features an ideal pad for menstruation should have. It is the level of comfort they offer by preventing mild and heavy flow in the pads. Protection of clothes is the biggest concern, and Organic accomplishes that challenge well.

Their pads have stay-in-place wings, which prevent any discomfort for consumers. Since they avoid using any artificial materials in the core, it makes their pads naturally safe for consumers. Thus, it makes them hypoallergenic for the protection of consumers. It is followed by high breathability, which comes from organic material. They claim to manufacture 100% biodegradable sanitary pads. Since they manufacture clinically certified pads for protection against any disease, consumers can trust Organyc's pads. Wearing their overnight protection pads with no chance of leakage adds a plus point to their chart.


One of the most renowned and worldwide brands is Always. Almost everyone knows it, and it shows their market penetration level. The range of sanitary pads commonly commonly includes ultra-thin, maxi, overnight, and heavy pads. Maintaining standards for consumer safety seems to be Always's prime objective, which is why it has been meeting expectations for a long time. Using flex foam core in the menstrual pads makes their pads super absorbent.

Besides high absorbency, their pads are dry and breathable for extended use. Sanitary pads: Always give up to 10 hallways of protection. Avoid using dyes, chlorine bleach, and fragrances, which keep the organic level high. For more reliability, they claim to have dermatologically approved pads. Using their overnight pads with wings will give uninterrupted peace of mind and safety of clothes. Their leak guard ensures that protection. 

Their prices may vary depending on their features and brand image. Retailers can purchase in bulk from them at reasonable prices. Lastly, you can do more research to choose the brand and the appropriate sanitary pads for your condition. 



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