• disposable nappies for baby / diaper insert pad / waterproof baby pad

Disposable Nappies For Baby / Diaper Insert Pad / Waterproof Baby Pad

Place of Origin Fujian, China Brand Name KIDLIKE
Model Number KIDLIKEBD Material Non Woven Fabric
Type Diapers/Nappies Absorption Dry Surface
Age Group Babies Diaper Type Disposable
Certificate ISO9001 /CE SAP Japan Brand
Fluff Pulp USA Brand Feature Plain
Anti-Leak Straight





Material MOQ color







more size available

topsheet: non-woven fabraic

absorption:SAP mix fluff ,tissue paper

backsheet: pe film

others:White release paper 



more color available

13±2 400



Microsorb lining contains super-absorbent polymers that lock away wetness into odor-free gel.


Flow-Through Design

After pads fills, moisture flows-through to absorbent to minimize leaks and changes.


Adhesive Backing on All Sizes

Remove tape to use adhesive strip on back to hold firmly in place.


Why Babies Need Diapers:


1. Babies need diapers to avoid accidents.

2. Diapers help keep babies clean and dry, which can help prevent health problems such as bladder infections and UTIs.

3. Diapers also protect babies from getting dirty while playing or crawling around on the floor.

4. Diapers may also help reduce the amount of fussing that babies do when they need to go to the bathroom, which can be very tiresome for parents.

5. Diapers can also help babies learn to self-regulate their toileting habits, which can be a helpful skill when they start school or become more independent later on in life.


There are many reasons why babies need diapers, and it can be challenging to decide which type to buy. This guide provides tips on choosing the right type of diaper from the right wholesale Baby diaper manufacturer for your baby, based on their age, weight, and size.


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