• M size High absorbency ultra thick ABDL adult diapers

M Size High Absorbency Ultra Thick ABDL Adult Diapers

Place of Origin Fujian, China Brand Name Focus
Model Number HY-001 Material Non Woven Fabric
Feature Plain Woven Type Diapers/Nappies
Absorption Dry Surface Anti-Leak 3D Leak Prevention Channel
Diaper Type Disposable Age Group Adults


The FOCUS brand diaper has been completely designed with the adult baby and diaper lover in mind on our thickest adult diaper platform. The FOCUS are thick adult diapers that are comfortable and functional enough to wear throughout the day while still being absorbent enough for overnight use for most people with a rating of over 4000ml capacity. 


The FOCUS diaper features an all-over design. The super soft plastic shell is strong yet delicate to the touch to reduce irritation.


The Active Littles Grips are oversized and outperform all other adhesive tapes when combined with our extra durable landing zone. Each fastener is over 1.5 inches tall and re-fastenable thanks to our Active Littles Grip hook and loop system. This new system allows for adjustments throughout the day if needed. You get extra comfort, security, and confidence with large front and rear waistbands and additional tall standing leak guards.

Benefits of Adult Care Diaper Manufacturer

There are many benefits to adult care diaper manufacturers. Adult care diapers help protect those who wear them from incontinence and other bladder or bowel issues. They can also provide comfort and convenience for those who need them. Adult care diapers can also give a sense of dignity and independence for people who use them. Adult care diapers can be a lifeline for those who need them. Many adults experience incontinence, so they cannot always control when or how much urine or bowel movements occur. Adult care diapers can help keep people safe and comfortable, regardless of whether they have minor or major accidents. 

Adult care diapers can also provide a sense of dignity and independence to those who use them. 

Why FOCUS by ABCUnites?

Unmatched Absorbency:

Are you tired of dealing with leaks and discomfort? Our adult diapers with unbeatable absorbency will keep you dry and confident. You can count on them to stay comfortable and worry-free throughout the day or night.

Ultra-Thick and Secure:

We are looking for a reliable way to prevent leaks. Our ultra-thick adult diapers come with advanced leak barriers to provide you with peace of mind and security, even during active moments.

Tailored for You:

Are you struggling to find the right fit? FOCUS ABDL adult diapers are available in a comfortable medium size, ensuring a snug and secure fit that meets your specific needs—no more discomfort or inconvenience.

Skin-Friendly and Gentle:

Are you worried about skin irritation? Our diapers are made from soft, hypoallergenic materials, ensuring a gentle touch against your skin. They're suitable for even the most sensitive individuals.

Confidence and Freedom:

Are you looking to regain your confidence and freedom? Our goal is to provide you with the comfort and peace of mind you deserve. Whether you're managing incontinence or simply seeking extra protection, FOCUS ABDL adult diapers have you covered.

how to use adult care diapers

Adult care diapers are designed for adults with constipation or occasional urinary leakage. It would be best to put synthetic incontinence pads between the legs and a diaper between the bottom and the thighs. The diaper should fit snugly so that it does not ride up when you squat or walk. Lint traps can also help keep the skin dry. It also allows you to go out freely without any tension. We also have a variety of similar products, like Printed Adult ABDL Diapers. We'd Recommend you to check them out.