Adult care

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ABC Unites Hygiene Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a name of trust and quality when it comes to the adult care diaper manufacturers. Since we are the brand that is trusted by all the people around the world for providing an outstanding quality of diapers that are perfect in terms of absorption. Not only are these diapers being of the most superior quality but their incredible design, comfort factor, and availability of sizes are another factor that makes our products even more attractive for the users and that makes us the best adult diaper supplier. Being the best adult diaper supplier around the world be we aim to provide the best and the most affordable prices that are the lowest compared to any other brand around the world.

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Quality is the most important factor that contributes to making a product a unique one. Being the most outstanding adult care diaper manufacturer, we ensure to provide our customers with a quality that is remarkable. Only the finest material is used to manufacture these diapers that not only ensure maximum absorption but also ensure to provide maximum comfort to the users. The material used is also free from any harmful chemicals and substances that could be irritable or harmful to the skin. Thus, providing the best quality products to our customers. By high quality adult diapers from world's number one adult diaper supplier. 

Factor Of Affordability

Being known as the best adult diaper supplier in the whole world, we, not only provide excellent quality of these diapers that are available in various sizes and a good stretchability factor but we also make sure to provide the cheapest rates compared to any other brand, creating a competition of prices that is hard to beat. Our amazingly low prices are not only for the bulk orders but even for the low MOQs.

Our high-quality Matterial Diapers

We understand that not everyone is looking to use adult diapers, and some people might be using them for aesthetics or practicality reasons without understanding the full implications. That's why we offer both types of diapers- those meant for adults and those meant for babies! Our baby diapers are just as high quality and absorbent as our adult diapers, if not more so! Plus, they're way cheaper than any other brand out there. Best Quality, Cheap Prices!


As the world's number one adult diaper supplier, we understand that our customer base is diverse and includes people from all walks of life. That's why we offer a wide variety of sizes for both men and women as well as a good range of stretch fabric options to best fit each individual. Moreover, to further ensure that everyone can find the perfect diapers for us at an affordable price point, we also offer bulk orders with multiple units per order!