• 280mm anion sanitary napkin pad

280mm Anion Sanitary Napkin Pad

Type Regular Material non-woven
Shape Winged Feature Fan-Shape
Style Disposable Time Used Night
Place of Origin China Brand Name Focus
Model Number 280mm Certificate ISO9001/CE
SAP Japan SAP Fluff Pulp USA Brand





Material packing Carton Dimension
pcs/bag bags/ctn
1 280*60

1st layer: non-woven top sheet,

2nd layer: anion chip,

tissue paper wrap fluff pulp, and  SAP

3rd layer: waterproof biodegradable PE film, 

4th layer: Release paper, 

5th layer: Wrapping sheet.  

10 24 28*20*23.8(cm)

Key Features:

Learn why our 280mm Anion Sanitary Napkin Pad is the best for your period! It's super comfy, super absorbent, and super reliable.

·         Supreme Softness:

Our non-woven top sheet is super soft and perforated, ensuring rapid absorption and removing moisture without rewetting. It offers the gentlest touch to women's skin and swift penetration from top to bottom.

·         Anion Technology:

Our innovative Anion green chip generates more than 6000/cm³ dynamic negative ions and far-infrared rays. This technology effectively inhibits the survival and duplication of viruses and bacteria, acting as a powerful "bacteria killer."

·         Super Absorbency:

Japanese SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) in the pad guarantees exceptional absorbency, locking away menstruation flow and keeping you comfortable and dry throughout the day.

·         Breathable Back Sheet:

The back sheet's excellent breathability prevents moisture buildup and keeps unwanted odors at bay. You'll feel fresh and confident all day long.

·         Perfect Fit and Strong Adhesive:

Our sanitary napkin is designed for a perfect body fit and is equipped with a strong adhesive to keep it securely on your panty, ensuring worry-free wear.

Experience ultimate comfort, protection, and confidence during your menstrual cycle with our 280mm Anion Sanitary Napkin Pad because you deserve nothing but the best!