• Anion sanitary napkin periods pad sanitary napkins OEM

Anion Sanitary Napkin Periods Pad Sanitary Napkins OEM

Type Maxi / Super Material Cotton
Shape Wingless Feature Super Absorbent
Style Disposable Time Used Night
Place of Origin China Brand Name FC
Model Number 270mm Certificate ISO9001 / CE
SAP Japan Brand Fluff Pulp USA Brand






Material packaging
pcs/bag bags/ctn
1 270 

1st layer: non-woven top sheet,

2nd layer: tissue paper wrap, fluff pulp, and  SAP

3rd layer: waterproof P.E. film, 

4th layer: Release paper, 

5th layer: Wrapping sheet.   

6 24


1. Super non-woven and dry perforated film top-sheet available, touch like silk, feel soft and comfortable.

2. With fine vents to prevent from flowing back and keep the skin dry and comfortable.

4. Airlaid paper wrap with S.A.P. absorbs fluid instantly and sufficiently, locks it away without leakage, and flows back.

5. Breathable bottom sheets instantly evacuate the hot and humid air, keeping the air refreshed.

Introducing our Anion Sanitary Napkin, the ultimate solution to address women's needs and concerns during their menstrual periods. We understand the discomfort, inconvenience, and challenges often accompanying menstruation, and our product is designed to provide you with the utmost care, comfort, and confidence during this time.


Complete Protection for Menstrual Needs:

Menstruation can bring its own set of challenges, and we know that you need reliable protection. Our Anion Menstruation pad is your trusted partner, providing complete protection throughout your menstrual cycle. Say goodbye to worries about leaks and discomfort.


Innovative Anion Technology for Enhanced Comfort:

We've incorporated innovative anion technology into our sanitary napkin to help address common concerns such as odor and discomfort. This technology allows for odor control and promotes a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, ensuring you stay confident and comfortable throughout your period.


Exceptional Absorbency for Peace of Mind:

One of the primary concerns during menstruation is the fear of leakage. Our sanitary napkin offers exceptional absorbency, ensuring you stay dry and protected even on heavy-flow days. Feel at ease knowing you can continue your daily activities without disruptions.


Skin-Friendly and Gentle:

We understand that during your period, your skin can be sensitive. Our sanitary napkin is crafted from soft and skin-friendly materials, minimizing the risk of irritation and ensuring you feel comfortable throughout the day.


O.E.M. Options for Customized Comfort:

We recognize that every woman's needs are unique. That's why we offer O.E.M. options, allowing you to customize your sanitary napkin to your preferences. Tailor your product to meet your needs, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness.


Our Anion Sanitary Napkin is designed to provide the utmost care and protection during your menstrual cycle. We prioritize your comfort, confidence, and well-being so you can focus on what truly matters. With our sanitary napkin, you can confidently embrace each day, knowing that your menstrual needs are well cared for. Say goodbye to period-related worries and discomfort and say hello to a more carefree and comfortable experience. Explore More Products like these by clicking here.