• High quality sanitary napkin PE film

High Quality Sanitary Napkin PE Film

Material PE Type Cast Film
Usage As the backsheet and wrapping sheet of sanitary napkin Feature Moisture Proof
Hardness Soft Processing Type Casting
Place of Origin Fujian, China Brand Name Focus
Model Number PE - 02 Colors Green, blue, pink


Advantage Of Our High Quality Sanitary Napkin PE Film.

1. Low density, the high utilization rate of the same quality of products, improve the competitiveness of the products.

2. Good toughness, good adhesion to the substrates, no residue when peeled off easily

3. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

4. Excellent permeability, effectively isolating the moisture, the heat moisture.

5. Long-lasting performance

6. More close skin softness, good touch feeling, make your product more soft and comfortable.

7. More absorbent, quickly wet and dry the skin.

8. Best physical and mechanical properties, has excellent tensile and extension performance.

Product Index:



Gsm (g)

15 - 32


For white color, it is 500 kgs;

For printed colors, it is 1000 kgs.


White, blue, green, pink and any common color

Rolling diameter

45 cm - 50 cm

Core diameter

7.3 cm

Full width

50 cm - 1800 cm

Weight per roll

Around 22 kgs

Major ingredient

Pure plastic PE.


Tape casting technology

Packaging Of Our High Quality Sanitary Napkin Pure Plastic PE Film

Each product is packaged individually in a cardboard box. The box contains information on the product, such as its content (napkin material and thickness), use instructions, expiration date and packaging information. 

Packaging In Cartons 

The packaging of our products are designed to protect the product and make it easy to use. The cardboard box contains essential information about the product, such as its content (napkin material and thickness), use instructions, expiration date, and packaging information. Each pack contains a roll of plastic film. These cartons are resistant to moisture, dust, light and other external factors. These cartons are durable enough to hold up to repeated use and are easily transported. We use cartons for our products because they are recyclable and sustainable, and our products are safe in these cartons. 

Packaging In Wrapped Film

We also offer sanitary napkin PE film in wrapped film. The wrap protects the product and makes it easy to store. It also makes it easy to transport, as the film can be unwrapped and re-wrapped without damaging the product. It's easy to use and can be purchased in different sizes. The thickness of the Sanitary Napkin depends on what we need for our sanitary napkins product. We choose the only suitable quality grade that will provide us with a good roll of plastic film that also costs more than standard hard banded cheap material (PE) as it allows for better performance and longer service life than other products. 

The reason we use wrapped film packaging is 

1) it protects the product from damage during shipping and storage, 
2)keeps the napkin soft and supple after use,
3)easier to open when you need a new one. 
4) allows you to see the napkin content and expiration date easily.
We also always provide our customers with a unwrap instruction sheet included in each pack of film. We offer our customers the option to purchase a bulk film pack at a discounted price. This bulk pack saves the cost of Sanitary Napkin Pure Plastic PE Film and ensures quality. 

Quality Control Unit.

We maintain strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that our Sanitary Napkin PE Film is the highest quality. We test each batch under international standards to ensure that our products are of the best possible rate.
1. Our products are quality checked by an independent supplier, who tests our product every month.
2. Product sent to third party testing centre, which is Brand New and big enough to run special quality control items(MIL Test). The tests would be conducted by an international standard panel of testing technicians with over 10-year experience in the production laboratory. 
3. Afterwards, the test report will be sent to us for further checking and importing process.
4. After all quality control check has been completed(Importing Process) , our products meet the highest standard in China.