• New material Affordable price high quality sanitary napkin Pure Plastic film
  • New material Affordable price high quality sanitary napkin Pure Plastic film

New Material Affordable Price High Quality Sanitary Napkin Pure Plastic Film

Material PE Type Cast Film
Usage As the backsheet and wrapping sheet of sanitary napkin Feature Moisture Proof
Hardness Soft Processing Type Casting
Place of Origin Fujian, China Brand Name Focus
Model Number PE - 01 Colors White


Advantage Of Our High Quality Sanitary Napkin PE Film.

Our high-quality Sanitary Napkin Film provides several advantages over cheaper alternatives. For example, it is recyclable and sustainable, meaning it can be reused multiple times. It is also easy to transport, making it ideal for use in remote areas or when needed on the go. Our products is also of high quality, meaning that it will not tear or fray when used. Additionally, it offers a barrier against bacteria and other contaminants, ensuring that your sanitary napkins are effective and safe.

1. Low density, the high utilization rate of the same quality of products, improve the competitiveness of the products.

2. Good toughness, good adhesion to the substrates, no residue when peeled off easily

3. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

4. Excellent permeability, effectively isolating the moisture, the heat moisture.

5. Long-lasting performance

6. More close skin softness, good touch feeling, make your product more soft and comfortable.

7. More absorbent, quickly wet and dry the skin.

8. Best physical and mechanical properties, has excellent tensile and extension performance.

Product Index:



Gsm (g)

15 - 32


For white color, it is 500 kgs;

For printed colors, it is 1000 kgs.


White, blue, green, pink and any common color

Rolling diameter

45 cm - 50 cm

Core diameter

7.3 cm

Full width

50 cm - 1800 cm

Weight per roll

Around 22 kgs

Major ingredient

Pure plastic PE.


Tape casting technology