• Straight Sanitary Napkins

Straight Sanitary Napkins

Type Maxi / Super Material Cotton
Shape Wingless Feature Super Absorbent
Style Disposable Time Used Night
Place of Origin China Brand Name FC
Model Number 270mm Certificate ISO9001 / CE
SAP Japan Brand Fluff Pulp USA Brand


Experience the Nighttime Difference:

Discover our Straight Sanitary Napkins, designed to provide ultimate nighttime comfort and protection. With a focus on quality and innovation, our sanitary napkins are here to make your nights worry-free.

·         Maxi / Super Absorbency:

Our napkins offer super absorbency, keeping you comfortable and dry overnight—no more interruptions or discomfort.

·         Cotton Softness:

Made from high-quality cotton, our napkins ensure a gentle and soft touch on your skin so you can sleep soundly.

·         Wingless Design:

The wingless shape offers an ideal fit, preventing unwanted leaks and ensuring a secure night's sleep.

·         Disposable Convenience:

Our disposable style ensures hassle-free use and easy cleanup so you can relax and unwind.

·         Quality Assurance:

With ISO9001 and CE certifications, you can trust the reliability and safety of our product.

Make your nights more restful with Straight, Sanitary Napkins. Your comfort and confidence matter, and we're here to provide just that. Choose fc for a worry-free night's sleep!