Oct 18,2022

Make the Switch to Organic Feminine Hygiene Products

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Usually, we see a feminine hygiene product in a way that it is nothing but simply a commercial product that might also be safer and more convenient in terms of usage. However, there is always a question that comes up. Whether to go for whatever hygiene products are available or maybe women should keep looking for the better versions of these female hygiene products whenever they plan to go around to shop the hygiene stuff around the shelves at the stores.  It is always suggested for women to keep looking around and make healthier choices for their bodies and the planet. Especially in the case of hygienic products, since hygienic products are the type of products that are to be used for sensitive areas of the body. Thus, one should always look for a choice that is safer and healthier. This could be in the form of organic Female Hygiene Products.

Regular Feminine Products vs. Organic Feminine Products

Nowadays, with the increase in knowledge and education, we get to see that consumers nowadays are becoming more conscious of the toxic chemicals, fragrances, and ingredients that are present at being used in homes and the beauty products that are being used on a daily basis. However, when it comes to something as sensitive as personal hygiene products, it is suggested that one needs to be very careful and should carefully examine the hygiene products before buying them.

We get to see that most of the feminine hygiene products that are available in the market are the type of hygiene products that are mostly made up of cotton. Cotton is a type of material that can easily be exposed to various different types of germs and pesticides that could be there in the surrounding that which can make the hygiene products less effective and less safe. However, it is suggested that in order to achieve a look that is supposed to be pure white and clean, it is suggested that all the sanitary and hygiene products are thoroughly bleached. Keeping in mind the usage of women hygiene products that are usually seen as high in terms of usage in an average person’s life, it is suggested that one should go for the option of using organic hygiene products as they are known to minimize the number of toxins that might have been there. 

It is also noted that the skin is capable of absorbing more chemicals very effectively compared to the number of chemicals that can be absorbed through the mouth. If a woman is using a product that has traces of dioxins or chemical additives within it, this could really become a problem in various ways. It works the same way as it works for the people who choose to eat organic food, the way that organic food keeps them away from all the unnecessary additives and chemicals, the same way the use of organic female hygiene products can be highly useful to maintain health and hygiene. 

Why do we have to Use Organic Feminine Care Products?

Throughout history, there had been a brewing scandal that became common in various parts of the world over the ingredients that were being used for the female care products that were being provided by the booster pad manufacturers, along with raising awareness of the toxic chemicals and hormonal chemicals are leading to cause cancer and affecting the hormones of the women, organic hygiene products became a hot topic. This was the time when after years and decades of consideration the women hygiene and care products were finally given some importance and were being brought into the light. This was the first time when the voices were being raised to facilitate and provide women with a type of product that would not only make it easier but would also be safer to use. Now we get to see that the women are not only learning and recognizing the impact that they have on society but also the impact that these products have on health and the environment. 

1. Green Impact:

Organic Female hygiene products are usually the type of products that are made using materials that are usually driven from natural resources rather than synthetic sources. Thus, they are not only easier to use but also decompose easily, leaving no waste to destroy the environment. 

2. Health Impact:

As important as the environmental impact is, it also has some quite serious impact on the health of the women in a way that products with toxic chemicals can lead to absorption in the skin. This can lead to various different health issues that could be in the form of hormonal imbalance to cancer. There are a lot of female hygiene products that have a high quantity of surfactant, adhesives, and additives in it. These are all bleached with chlorine leaving behind traces of dioxin. These small particles of dioxin can cause serious health conditions in the form of cancer and other health conditions like endometriosis. This can lead to serious issues like painful periods and even infertility as well. There are still various kinds of research going on to fully know the effects of dioxin on the body of a female, as it is considered quite an important topic and needs to be addressed. 

3. Hormonal Impact:

When we talk about most of the products that are used for female hygiene, these could be in the form of pads, tampons, and various other products. Most of the time, the companies that are manufacturing them are not even aware of what is in them, as the chemicals that are being used in these products at the time of the process of manufacturing. If we consider a very common example of the type of product that is being used, we see that pieces of cotton are the type of products that are most commonly seen to be used during the growth of cotton pesticides and various other additives that are used during growing, harvesting or even during the process of creation. Leading to harmful effects on health. 

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